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Underground Kids:Everyday Kimi finds that her belongings are being searched and destroyed. She feels prying eyes watching her every move. Scared and frustrated, she decides to contact a secret organization within the school;The Underground Kids. This organization has only 3 people and they're obsessed with money. Can they help her solve her problem? ~LBFake:Asumi Miki is annoyed because all the girls go "Kyaa!" when thy see the gorgeous Disciplinary Committee. She's an honor student and follows the rules: Braided hair, glasses, tucked in uniform and textbooks so she wont get involved in any way with the Disciplinary Committee. But since her records are clean, she has been invited to be one of the Disciplinary Committee! ~LBSummer Love Paradise:Ichiha's been dumped 4 times so to cheer her up, her friends bring her to the beach. She almost drowns and the lifeguard Kouta saves her.... ~LB